The Company provides training partnership by entering into agreements with foreign companies and trainers (domestic and foreign) experts on various subjects to be taught in order to qualify under our internal trainers.

Thinking an effective adaptation to new techniques and still aiming Quality Technical Services, the Company CANAS Electro-Mounts, S.A. prepared to meet this new challenge invested heavily in training their staff, creating for this purpose, its own center formation.

Theoretical training
Minister on the Company’s headquarters in classrooms with capacity for 30 people, where we can find all the support equipment, such as textbooks, overhead projector, video system, TV, camcorder, pictures, etc …

Practical Training
It is administered in the Park Practice training W.W.P. – L.T. and MT, in Bairro Alto, next to National Road No. 109, 3 km from the headquarters of the company with an area of ​​30.000m2 and is equipped with various types of overhead lines / underground MT, LT and P.T.. This project is licensed by D.G.E. and low voltage is fed into making up after the transformation of 380 V / 15 KV / 380 V

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