This department covers the following areas:

  • EDP ​​works – considered here are the works regarding this project to specific works and construction of electrical infrastructure performed for the EDP, on a direct and prior consultation;
  • Private Works – includes all other works, including those made to property developers, city councils or other End Users.

The Construction Department has two sections directly related to construction:

  • L.T. / M.T. / H.T.;
  • Combustible Gases;

and another that serves as support:

  • budgeting;

This department, through these two sections, is devoted to the following types of jobs / classes of works:
Airlines M.H.T.

  • Installation and Repair Network voltage to 150 kV and 220 kV.

Airlines and underground A.T.

  • Network Installation and Repair for 60 kV voltage and wire section up to 1000 mm2.

Airlines and underground M.T.

  • Installation and Refurbishment of up to 30 kV lines.

Transformer stations

  • Mounts and Changes P.T. ‘S type A, AS, AI, CA1, CA2, CB

Network L. T. overhead and underground

  • Assembly, Remodeling and expansion of LT’s Network / I.P.

Industrial electrical

  • Motive Power Circuits, Lighting, Control, Signal, Synoptics, Frames and Signs

Telecommunications (Remote)

  • Installation, Renovation and Expansion of Telephone Networks


  • Implementation of infrastructure allocated to the networks mentioned above, namely booths High and Low, Maciçagem Services, etc.. .

Installation of Gas Networks

  • Gas distribution networks in housing developments and urban settlements

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