Discontinuation of supply, even when scheduled, is one of the factors most dissatisfied for any consumer of electricity. These interruptions are often the result of work on the network and, in many cases can be avoided, using the techniques of “working with power” (W.W.P.).

The Department of Exploration, Conservation and W.W.P. was created to provide to the clients of Canas, S.A., a high quality service and technical rigor, which aims to ensure consumer comfort, maximizing the availability of electricity supply

This department is divided into three sections:

Operation and Maintenance Section

Dedicated to the exploration and conservation of all electricity networks up to 60 kV, including the provision of services such as:

  • Teams Count
  • Conservation Network L.T. / I.P.
  • I.P. Conservation and cleaning of tracks
  • pickets
  • S. G. I., which is the identification of links between the hatches and transformer stations

Section W.W.P. / L.T.

Dedicated to the execution of Stress at Work in Low Voltage – W.W.P. / L.T., including:

  • Extensions and Arrivals
  • Airline network
  • Underground network
  • Transformer stations

Section W.W.P. / M.T. and W.W.P. / P.T. ‘s

Dedicated to the execution of works in Voltage in Medium Voltage and Transformer Stations.

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